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Ye. Danilova: "The Russian regime of social policy or social state, as well as capitalism for that matter, does not fit any of the discussed models and is of a centauric (hybrid) nature. On the one hand, the changes in the social welfare system were realized in full accordance with the neoliberal logic of reforms... On the other hand, state governance has also changed-it is moving toward an authoritarian distribution of resources... The centauric nature crops up in official and public rhetoric. Meandering between illusions of efficiency and justice was and remains the main gimmick of those in power irrespective of their political preferences."

N. Latova: "Russian workers have practically never tried to upgrade their qualifications and have avoided on-the-job training... Indeed, the desire to acquire advanced basic education (up to higher education) looks irrational against the background of disdain toward learning as such. This is strange since the rent on human capital for Russian workers and employees is low. It is hard to grasp the meaning of this behavior model of Russian workers within the interpretation of human capital. A wider interpretation of human capital that brings a wider range of indices into the general concept of human capital helps resolve the paradoxes of human behavior in the sphere of employment."

B. Kheyfets, V. Chernova: "The interim results of the import replacement policy cannot be seen as wholly positive or wholly negative... Today it is necessary to correctly identify the priorities of import replacement for the short, medium and long term and to regularly update them. These priorities should meet not only the exigencies of economic security, but the long-term development strategy, including the policy of expanding and diversifying the export of goods and services and more active involvement in the international division of labor. That is why import replacement can be seen as an additional element of the complex economic strategy."


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