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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 11, 2017: V. Starodubov, N. Kurakova. Optimization of the Financing of Fundamental and Applied Researches in Russia: The Analysis of Conformity of the Problems and Solutions; A. Ostrovsky. The Prospects of Linking the Projects of the Silk Belt and the Silk Road and of the Eurasian Economic Union; K. Belousov et al. Interdisciplinarity and Multiparadigm Perspective of the Russian Linguistics. Corpus Study of Funded Projects in the Field of Linguistics; The Technological Breakthrough of Russia Is Impossible without Fundamental Science. Conversation with Academician A. Dmitriyevsky; A. Kulagin. On the Encouraging of Scientific Workers for Obtaining the Highly Significant Scientific Results; I. Kasavin. The Koiné of Science. Interdisciplinarity and Mediation; Ye. Salitskaya. Modern Approaches to the Management of Intellectual Property: The Regional Dimension; I. Zadorozhnyuk, L. Veryovkin. 75 Years of Bold Ideas and Hard Work.

No. 12, 2017: D. Knorre. Targeted Modification of Biopolymers; S. Altman. The Origin of Life, "the RNA World," and the Problem of Antibiotic's Resistance; I. Ushachev. The Main Directions of the Strategy of Russian Agrarian-Industrial Complex Sustainable Development; A. Guseynov. The Academy of Sciences and the Development of Philosophy in Russia; S. Shvartsev. Evolution in Inanimate Substance: Nature, Mechanisms, Complication, and Self-Organization; G. Malinetsky, S. Sirenko. Robotics and Education: A New Approach; T. Breus et al. Unfinished Disputes. The 120th Birth Anniversary of A. Chizhevsky; R. Kireyeva. Live Images of Epochs. The 200th Birth Anniversary of Corresponding Member of the Imperial St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences N. Kostomarov.

No. 1, 2018: V. Betelin. On the Problem of the Digital Economy Formation in Russia; S. Smolyak et ...

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