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V. Sogrin: "...both Eurasian and anti-Western conceptions doom Russia to go on carrying the age-old imperial yoke, and give it no chance to conquer poverty, let alone to carry out successful modernization... This is the most important lesson to be derived from Russian history and this is an irrefutable conclusion provided by an analysis of contemporary trends....the anti-Western ideologem that in the past was an instrument of propaganda has turned into a myth....there is no doubt that in the age of globalization Russia can move forward only in close cooperation with the Western civilization. "

N. Rimashevskaya: "It is absolutely necessary to urgently shift the entire society focus onto the concrete individual, to change conditions of his existence, to secure decent living standards and opportunities for social and professional development. And certainly we must have the real actions and productive results rather than the usual tiresome rhetoric.

...Market relations and the innovative nature of economic growth require a qualitatively new workforce possessing positive parameters of physical, mental and social health, and a high intellectual, educational and professional potential. It should also be characterized by spirituality and high morality. "

S. Peregudov: "...the monopoly position of large property owners is increasingly reinforced by the monopoly position of executives, whose property rights may yet be challenged but who in their executive capacity are already virtually irreplaceable....The ownership-management fusion and also the growing role of social capital and intracorporate solidarity make the Russian corporation well adapted for playing in the political market. "

A. Oleynik: "Modern science has a network nature....the recent trend has been toward institutionalizing the established local networks in the form of a coexistence of different academic associations....the case in point is not fighting the networks by the administrative methods. What is necessary is universalization and democratization of the network scientific world. "

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