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Editorial note: We continue to inform you about the contents of the leading RAS journals published in Russian and confirm our readiness to help our readers order translations of any article mentioned below.

VESTNIK ROSSIISKOI AKADEMII NAUK (Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 3, 2003

G. Onishchenko et al. Bioterrorism: A National and Global Threat.

A. Allakhverdyan. Brain Drain: Has the Exodus Stopped? The Maker of Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems. Interview with Academician B. Bunkin.

V. Ginzburg, I. Fabelinsky. On the History of the Discovery of the Combinatory Scattering of Light.

A. Seleznyov. Science Financing in Russia: Declarations and Realities.

O. Budnitsky. Can We Trust the Falsifiers of History?

Ya. Rokityansky. A Reply to the Offended Author.

S. Ostroumov. The Functions of Living Substance in the Biosphere.

K. Simakov. The Unknown about the Known. The 140th Birth Anniversary of Academician V. Vernadsky.

A. Grigoryev, N. Grigoryan. From the Depths of the Microworld to the Heights of Outer Space. The Birth Centenary of Academician V. Parin.

K. Zelenin et al. The House That Berthollet Built. The Genealogy of a Scientific Dynasty.

No. 4, 2003

V. Markusova. The Quotability of Russian Publications in the World's Scientific Literature.

V. Smirnov. Research into the Thermonuclear Synthesis. "'Thermonuke' Will Work When People Need It." Discussion at the RAS Presidium. Time of Strategic Decisions. An Interview with RAS Vice President Academician A. Nekipelov.

I. Andreev. Russia: A View from the Future.

Yu. Kopaev, N. Loyko. Half a Century in Solid-State Electronics. Birth Centenary of Academician B. Vul.

Pages. 168

A. Gamburtsev. Academician Gamburtsev Is My Father. Birth Centenary of Academician G. Gamburtsev.

A. Zhuravlyov. The Forerunner of the Age of Psychology. The 70th Birthday of RAS Corresponding Member A. Brushlinsky.

G. Ivanitsky. Fifty Years: Legends and Reality.

G. Anokhin. The Bearded Signor Kon-Tiki.

VOPROSY ISTORII (Problems of History)

No. 3, 2003

I. V. Stalin Working on The Short Course of History of the VKP(b).

M. Reiman. Post-War Rivalry and Conflicts in the Soviet Political Leadership.

B. Zoriktuev. A Reconstruction of the Initial Stage of the Mongols' Early History.

I. Grigorash. Nikolay Pavlovich Shishkin.

A. Shlyapnikov. For Bread and Petroleum.

No. 4, 2003

I. V. Stalin Working on The Short Course of History of the VKP(b).

A. Bogdanov. Russia's Foreign Policy and the European Press (1676 - 1689).

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