Switching Regimes of Publicity: How Nina Andreeva Facilitated the Transformation of Glasnost into Freedom of Speech

Author: Timur ATNASHEV

Abstract. This article examines the transformation of the Soviet public sphere triggered in particular by a letter written by Nina Andreeva known as a conservative manifesto I Cannot Compromise My Principles (1988). The article analyzes the context of this publication, which appeared when Gorbachev and his team were preparing a revolutionary political reform. The author examines the language, argumentation, and genre of this text, which, according to the conventions of the "letter to the editor" genre, was offered as a platform text launching a new Party line. The political struggle that unfolded after Yegor Ligachev's attempt to use the text to limit Aleksandr Yakovlev's influence on the press led to a number of unforeseen consequences, including two days of discussion in the Politburo and a transition from a regime of controlled Glasnost to freedom of speech-something no one on the Soviet political scene was prepared for.

Keywords: regimes of publicity, perestroika, Nina Andreeva, Aleksandr Prokhanov, Soviet political philosophy...

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