Russia and NATO: A History of Relations within the Context of Practical Cooperation at Sea


A.A. MIKHLIN, Capt. 1st Rank V.V. MOLOCHNY, Capt. 2nd Rank V.A. BALANDIN

Abstract. This paper analyzes the arduous path of the Russia-NATO relations in historical retrospect and at the current stage, looks into the principal trends in international terrorism as an element of a single system of new challenges and threats of today, and gives a concise retrospective survey of practical measures implemented along the Russia-NATO line in the area of cooperation in combating new challenges and threats at sea.

Keywords: Uniform system of new challenges and threats of the 21st century, international terrorism, transnational organized crime conglomerates, struggle against new challenges and threats at sea, international relations, Russia-NATO cooperation, systemic structural approach.

Russia-NATO Relations: A Difficult Path from Confrontation to Need for Cooperation

The entire history of the 20th century is an unending succession of wars, bloody postwar local conflicts in various parts of the planet, collapse of the socialist system, and the resulting global geopolitical shifts that shook the whole world political system of the time to its foundations. Quite a few countries that used to be members of various military-political blocs vanished from the political map of the world. The worst geopolitical upheaval of the last century was the disintegration of the Soviet Union, which plunged into oblivion the entire Yalta-Potsdam system of postwar world order.

The collapse of the enormous country engendered a host of problems, not only in the domestic but also in the foreign policy of the Russian Federation that had succeeded the U.S.S.R. As the Soviet Union disintegrated, lots of local conflicts erupted in former (FSU) republics, some of them ethnically and religiously conditioned; transnational organized crime burgeoned on an unprecedented

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scale, and terrorism in all its monstrous manifestations flared up accompanied by a flood of all kinds of drugs that gushed into Russia through the gaps in its frontiers.

Today's world on the ...

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