Preparing Service Personnel Psychologically: Problems and Methods


Capt. V.T. DOTSENKO (Ret.), Candidate of Psychology

Abstract. This paper analyzes issues of preparing service personnel psychologically in present-day conditions. It examines the views of this country's prominent military leaders on the makeup of preparedness and its psychological peculiarities. The author suggests an approach of his own to defining psychological preparedness in its substantive context, as well as identifying key methods of further improving the psychological readiness of service personnel to carry out assignments in accordance with their mission.

Keywords: psychological training, psychological readiness, professional competence of service personnel, patriotism, soldierly duty.

Whatever issues we discuss, be it political, economic, social, military or any other, they will all ultimately lead us to the problem of human being, issues of daily human life and rendering the latter safe.

The complexity and dynamism of measures aimed at the provision of our state's national security call for making man and human values central to the transformations being effected; secure protection of these values is in fact the definitive factor in the life of a military person both in peace- and in wartime.

The presence of psychology wherever there is man, who not only subjectively reflects the objective world, but also, while transforming the latter and himself, works in it, cogitates, experiences emotions, and bears responsibility for his actions, makes us take into account, while viewing issues of psychological preparedness, not only personality features of the serviceman and specifics of training and combat assignments, but also the characteristics of the environment in which he performs his official duty.

The increasingly complicated operation, intellectwise, of modern weapons, and responsibility for their employment under conditions of prolonged and heightened tensions and life risks have noticeably boosted the psychological constituent of military service and made it topmost within the system of educating,

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instructing, and training military specialists to prepare them for professional activity. "Every military man or a ...

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