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Lt. Gen. S. V. KHUTORTSEV Chief of Staff, First Deputy Commander, RVSN Candidate of Technical Sciences

Sergey Vladimirovich KHUTORTSEV, born March 24, 1951, in Petrozavodsk; the Chief Marshal of Artillery M. I. Nedelin Rostov Higher Military School, the Command Department of the F. E. Dzerzhinskiy Military Academy (graduating with a gold medal), the Military Academy of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces; missile regiment, division, army commander; 1998 - 2001, chief of the RVSN Combat Training Directorate, first deputy chief of the RVSN Main Staff; since June 2001, chief of the RVSN staff, first deputy commander in chief of the Strategic Missile Forces.

The Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN), being permanent combat-ready troops, even in peacetime are deployed in battle formation and are on continuous alert duty to perform combat missions of special state significance in defending our Motherland. As of the moment of their formation (1959), alert duty in the RVSN was established as the basic component of daily routine activities of troops and the main form of permanent combat readiness. A well defined system of alert duty organization principles has evolved since. The configuration of permanent readiness assets, on standby to perform independent combat missions, as well as alert duty procedure has been optimized on a scientifically substantiated basis. Extensive experience has been accumulated by military command and control agencies in improving qualitative alert-duty indicators. During the 44 years of its existence, the RVSN alert duty system has not failed once or given any cause to question the effectiveness of this form of ensuring the high combat readiness of troops and guaranteed protection against unsanctioned operation.

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