Russian-Chinese Relations at Their Ail-Time Best

Author: A. Denisov

International Affairs: Andrei Ivanovich, our Western partners are doing all they can to portray Russia as a rogue nation around which the noose of isolation is tightening. However, it seems that relations between Russia and China testify to the opposite. How is Russian-Chinese cooperation developing today?

A. Denisov: You are right: Against the backdrop of difficult relations with certain Western countries, Russian-Chinese strategic partnership is developing steadily and progressively and can serve as a model of interstate relations. Current Russian-Chinese relations are at their all-time best; importantly the parties are convinced that their development potential is huge.

Russia and China are the largest neighboring powers; we have a common border that is more than 4,000 kilometers long and are objectively interested in that it remains an area of good-neighborliness, friendship and cooperation. The proximity and coincidence of foreign policy interests make for close cooperation in the international arena.

A sound legal framework has been established in our bilateral relations and there is an extremely diversified, high-level and comprehensive mechanism for interstate and intergovernmental dialogue.

Based on an overall assessment of the state of bilateral relations and taking into account China's aggregate power, there is every reason to say that China is Russia's main international partner among the countries with which we do not have allied relations. Incidentally, the absence of allied relations or bloc to bloc logic is a main principle of Russian-Chinese cooperation. At the same time, the Russian-Chinese tandem goes much further and works more successfully than many formal unions and organizations in the world.

Andrei Denisov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the People's Republic of China

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