Revise Values or Protect Them? Sorrowful Reflections on a Book by My Contemporary

Author: Yu. Krasnov

IN THE COURSE of human history, democracy, a child of European Christian civilization, a form of individual involvement in political life of a state was changing - it lost some features and acquired new ones. Born in small Greek mono-cultural and mono-national republics, democracy today is functioning in fundamentally different contexts. The total population of the planet has practically reached the figure of 8 billion, and the latest means of communication, financial and banking system and international division of labor have made it more integrated than at any period in the past.

Several mighty powers armed with atomic weapons and airspace delivery systems have spread their interests far and wide to become the de facto close neighbors of any state irrespective of its geographic location. There is another and no less important factor: the world is divided along the religious-cultural rather than national-racial lines; the development has become even more uneven than before: some states have remained at the early stages of human civilization while others have entered the 21st century.

This multidimensional and contradictory conglomerate of states has embraced democracy as the form of their political organization. The majority (there are over 200 states on our planet) speaks of themselves as democratic. Despite its considerable shortcomings, democracy has no alternatives in the contemporary world. What is behind its attractiveness?

In an effort to arrive at plausible answers, political scientists and soci-

Yury Krasnov, Professor, Department of Legal Foundations of Administration, Moscow State Institute (University) of International Relations (MGIMO (U), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Science (Law), Doctor of Science (History);

ologies have already produced piles of scholarly books and thousands of essays. The discussion has been going on for many years now.

The work by Professor Robert Yengibaryan, prominent Russian jurist. Doctor of Law, Honored Worker of Science, Scientific Counselor of the Department of Legal Foundations ...

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