Current Foreign Policy of the PRC

Author: Vladimir PORTYAKOV

Abstract. This article analyzes the main specific features of the modern foreign-policy course of China. It shows that the leading place in the theoretical base of present activity of China in the international arena belongs to Xi Jinping's view of mankind as a "common destiny community" and his Belt and Road initiative. However, one can trace the influence of the views of PRC leaders of former generations. As to practical policy, the main priority of Beijing remains its relations with Washington, which have noticeably worsened after raising trade tariffs on goods imported from China on President Trump's initiative.

Keywords: China, foreign policy, conceptual foundations, the common destiny community for China and Humanity, "trade war" with the U.S.A.


The modern ideological and political landscape in the PRC is characterized by the absolute superiority of the views and considerations of the country's leader Xi Jinping practically in all major spheres of public life. Along with the growing significance of China's foreign policy and the stepping up of Chinese foreign-policy propaganda, especially after the 19th Congress of the ruling Communist Party of China, this superiority also engulfed the sphere of China's international relations. It may seem that Xi Jinping's basic premises for the positioning of modern China as the common destiny community for China and Humanity and the Belt and Road initiative, which he is putting forward, almost completely determine Beijing's conceptual approaches and its present foreign policy.

In our view, this is not entirely true. Along with the importance of the views and considerations of Xi Jinping, a certain place in the concepts and practical foreign policy of the PRC at the present stage is taken by the ideas and doctrines

Vladimir Ya. Portyakov, D.Sc. (Economics), professor, FEA, Editor-in-Chief, Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences. Tel.: +7(499)129-08-66.

DOI: 10.31857/S013128120003917-9

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inherited from the PRC Communist Party and the state leaders ...

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