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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 5, 2018: The Centenary of the Great 1917 Russian Revolution. The Scientific Results. S. Naryshkin. Presentation by President of the Russian Historical Society S. Ye. Naryshkin; A. Torkunov. World Significance of the Great Russian Revolution of 1917; Yu. Petrov. The Great Russian Revolution: Problems of the Historical Memory; M. Piotrovsky. Winter Palace and Hermitage Museum as Witnesses of the Russian Revolution; A. Artizov. Domestic Archives and the Centenary of the Great Russian Revolution; N. Kornienko. Anniversaries of the October Revolution and Russian Literature of the Twentieth Century; I. Tunkina. The Academy of Sciences in 1917; Al. Gromyko. Greater Europe: Internal and External Security Threats.-Without Russia it will not be Possible. Discussion of the Scientific Report; A. Guskov, D. Kosyakov, I. Selivanova. Technique of Evaluating the Effectiveness of Scientific Organizations; S. Pirozhkova. Socio-Humanistic Support for Technological Development: What Should it Be Like?; E. L. Konyavskaya. An Integrated Approach to the Study of Ancient Rus; A. A. Chibilyov, A. G. Ryabukha. The Year of Ecology in Russia: the Academic Session of Geographers in the National Park Buzuluksky Bor; A. Vorob'ev, I. Gitelson, P. Vorob'ev. About the Northern Latitudinal Route.

No. 6, 2018: A. Alekseev, N. Kuznetsova. From Blind Faith in the Market to Market Planning; M. Halizeva. Scientific Diplomacy as an Element of "Soft Power"; V. Kuznetsov. The Study of Sedimentary Rock Formation Evolution as the Key to Solving a Number of General Geological Problems; V. Makarov, A. Bakhtizin, E. Sushko, G. Sushko. Modeling of Social Processes on Supercomputers: New Technologies; B. Lavrovsky. Investment Background of the Labor Productivity Acceleration; E. Sverdlov. ...

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