System of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection for Troops and Population of the Russian Federation: State and Prospects for Development


Col. D.P. KOLESNIKOV, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Col. M.P. SHABELNIKOV, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Lt. Col. of Medical Service V.G. MIKHAILOV, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Lt. Col. of Medical Service Reserve A.V. KOMRATOV, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Abstract. The paper analyzes the condition of the radiation, chemical, and biological protection system for the troops and population in the Russian Federation, and highlights the work by the RF Ministry of Defense to improve that, considering the new challenges and threats.

Keywords: chemical and biological weapons, unchecked synthesis of toxic chemicals, bacteriological and toxin weapons, individual protection means, mobile diagnostic group.

In present-day conditions, new global threats of nuclear, chemical, and biological (NCB) character appear, representing a serious danger for the personnel of the troops and population of the Russian Federation, associated not only with the possibility of accidents and disasters of technogenic and natural origin, but also with the conducting of combat actions and terrorist acts.

The contradictions between the leading world powers have worsened due to uneven development as a result of globalization processes and the deepening of the gap in the well-being of citizens. Values and models of their development have become the subject of global competition. At the same time, the vulnerability of all members of the international community to new challenges and threats has increased.

A qualitatively new geopolitical situation is taking shape as a result of strengthening of new centers of economic growth and political influence. A trend

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is emerging toward finding a solution to existing problems and resolving crisis situations on a regional level, without the participation of nonregional forces. The failure of the existing global and regional architecture oriented only to NATO, especially in the Euro-Atlantic region, as well as the imperfection of international legal instruments and mechanisms create more and more prerequisites for the destruction of the international security system.

Analysis ...

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