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V. Inozemtsev, Ye. Kuznetsova: "What all of us witness today appears to us as a buildup of civilizational confrontation that has already sprung two distinct poles, rather than the formation of a united world.... One is tempted to call these poles the poles of wealth and poverty but this approach is as dangerous from the point of view of false illusions as the term 'globalization.' ...We believe that the modern world is not a globalizing world and that if it has a global-scale problem it is the problem of interaction ...between the democratic postindustrial civilization and the traditional social systems which so far failed to create the reliable foundations of civil society."

Yu. Levada: "...simulation is the key word in analyzing actions and assessments in various spheres ...of public life in the country. Simulation means the use of form, of signboards and words devoid of real meaning. That is why it is possible at one and the same time to simulate some kind of liberal reforms and a renunciation of these reforms in favor of state monopoly, observance of democratic principles and a striving for authoritarianism, respect for legal institutions and retention of 'telephone law, ' attempts to draw closer to the West and to fence off from it.... One can see a simulation of strong ...government and of an active opposition at a time when both are weak. "

A. Seleznyov: "...high rates of economic growth cannot be achieved without the application of innovative high technology, which, for its part, is impossible without echeloned scientific and technological progress.... An analysis of the state of science funding in Russia shows that this problem is the key to a revival of the country's scientific potential, and also of the innovation capabilities of the economy. Russia's future is closely connected with the future of its scientific community. "

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