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V. Stepin: "Organic to self-developing systems is a hierarchy of elements, organized in levels, and a capability to generate new levels in the process of development. Each of these new levels brings reverse impacts to bear on the earlier levels and restructures them, as a result of which the system acquires a new integrity. The new levels of organization cause a differentiation in the system which evolves new, relatively independent subsystems. A parallel process is a reconstruction of the control unit, the emergence of new order parameters and new types of direct and feedback ties. "

V. Makarov: "The branch of science investigating the knowledge economy is now at the stage of accumulating information and is gradually beginning to preprocess it. The problem here consists in the selection and correct systematization of vast bodies of data.

Methodologically speaking, measurement of knowledge is a very subtle process, since knowledge is, on the one hand, a private product which can be appropriated and, on the other, a social product belonging to all. That is why there are now two approaches to measuring knowledge: based on the costs of its production and based on the market value of the knowledge sold."

R. Kapelyushnikov: "The problem of noncompliance with statutory requirements and contractual provisions cannot be cured by "overregulation, " because in actual fact these are symptoms of one and the same disease. Any attempt to thrust the Russian labor market into a rigid administrative framework would have destructive effects. "

G. Kleyner: "I would like to suggest and discuss several suppositions concerning the formation and distribution of socioeconomic institutions with due account of the specific features of the Russian economy at various levels, including a hypothesis suggesting that the enterprise as an institution plays a special role in institutional dynamics. "

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