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Editorial note: We continue to inform you about the contents of the leading RAS journals published in Russian and confirm our readiness to help our readers order translations of any article mentioned below.

VESTNIK ROSSIISKOI AKADEMII NAUK (Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 7, 2003

G. Malinetsky et al. The Crises of Modern Russia and Scientific Monitoring.

V. Sedov. The Ethnogenesis of the Early Slavs.

Liberal Arts Need Complex Methods. Discussing a Scientific Paper.

Unique Source of Old-Russia's History. An Interview with Academician V. Yanin.

E. Khusnutdinova. The Ethnogenomics and Genetic History of Eastern European Peoples.

S. Sychyova. Can a Woman Make Her Career in Russian Science?

G. Zavarzin. The Antipode of Noosphere.

V. Davankov, Ya. Yashin. One Hundred Years of Chromatography.

L. Kiselyov et al. Lev Zilber - the Founder of the Russian School of Virologists.

No. 8, 2003

D. Lvov. The Prospects for the Long-Term Socioeconomic Development of Russia.

A Strategy of Russia's Economic Development: Is It Possible? Discussion at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

O. Favorsky, A. Starik. Jet Engine Emission and the Effect of Aviation on Atmospheric Processes.

L. Veryovkin, G. Safaraliev. The Prospects for University Science.

L. Alibekov, P. Khadybullaev. Natural Mechanisms of Desertification.

Yu. Evdokimov. Liquid Crystal Forms of Nucleic Acids.

I. Rezanov. Hydrocarbons on the Continents and in the Oceans.

A. Kolesnikov. The Cognitive Potential of Synergetics.

Pages. 169

N. Griroryan. The First Woman Academician. The 125th Birth Anniversary of L. Shtern.

Yu. Zolotov. The Leader of Russia's Analytical Chemists. The Birth Centenary of Academician I. Alimarin.

V. Borisov. An Invention That Led to Discoveries.

No. 9, 2003

L. Milov. The Specificity of Russia's Historical Process.

A. Lagarkov, M. Pogosyan. Basic and Applied Problems of Stealth Technologies.

I. Marshakova-Shaykevich. Russian Scientific Journals: A Bibliometric Appraisal.

A. Zelenin. The Plant's Genome.

A. Veselovsky, A. Plate. The Interchange of Aerospace Information in the Field of Geosciences.

V. Kuznetsov. The Historical Experience of Science.

V. Ginzburg. A Misunderstanding in the Issues on Pseudoscience and on the Interrelation between Science and Religion.

V. Khain. The Earth-A Unique Planet in the Solar System.

T. Libatskaya. William Bateson: At the Origins of Genetics.

No. 10, 2003

The Annual General Meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Science Opens the Way to Russia's Prosperity. Diary of the RAS Annual General Meeting.

A Major Strategic Resource of the State. Opening Address by Academician Yu. Osipov, the RAS President.

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