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  • 2004-03-31MTH-No. 001
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Candidate of Technical Sciences

Col. V. A. KULIKOV (Ret.)

Doctor of Historical Sciences Honored Worker in Culture of the RF

Defense of any state - Russia above all - at the turn of the 20th century is, as it was in previous centuries, one of the most important problems analyzed in numerous research papers and journalistic writings. However, their attempts to explain and offer practical recommendations with regard to building a fundamentally new system of defense in general and of the state's military organization continue to be vulnerable to criticism in many respects.

This manifests itself in the still unresolved differences between the dynamic development of the military-political situation in the world, the difficulty of organizing the state's military and at the same time being too slow to comprehend the crux of the defense problem. Yet to be resolved is also the difference between the highly specialized idea of defense and its actual role in protecting the state's security under modern conditions. Political processes going on both inside and outside this country have been making constantly a distinct impact on the efforts to understand the dialectics of war and peace.

The publication under these conditions of a book 1 by Army General A. I. Ni-kolayev, a well-known military commander and statesman, devoted to fundamentally new methodological approaches to solving Russia's defense problem, will undoubtedly catch the attention of military analysts and practitioners, politicians and diplomats. This is a bold attempt to define methodological prerequisites for making sense of Russia's modern defense, substantiate his own variant of its organization based on the nature of international relations, the logic of the military and the real potentials of the state. The attempt is not only original but also valuable for advancing the theory and practice of the force development process.

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