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V. Nekipelov: "...if the task facing Russia is that of modernization and not a mere acceleration of economic growth, and if, consequently, we have to restore the country's potential (which is badly undermined but is still intact in some key areas), we must understand that without the state's active role and without a serious industrial policy this task cannot be accomplished. This does not mean that the market reforms have to be brought to a halt or that the efforts to upgrade market institutions have to cease. "

A. Radygin, R. Entov: "Efficient operation of the Russian economy presupposes, in the first place, a clearly expressed political will to control compliance with the 'rules of the game' by all players, an all-out drive to strengthen market discipline and, at the same time, the pursuit of a long-term strategy to create conditions for the 'self- enforcement' of contractual obligations and civilized public enforcement of private property rights. "

M. Glotov: "the social institution ought to be understood to mean forms of organization of people's public life, which assert themselves in the process of historical development with the purpose of regulating their social actions and social ties. "

O. Kryshtanovskaya: "The election of regional leaders wrought a fundamental change in the profile of the Russian authority: not only did the elections bring new people to the top, they also made governors (heads) dangerously independent of the Center... The political levers of regional control were weakened to the extreme not only on account of the elective principle having been introduced to form the gubernatorial corps but also because of the absence of a unified regulatory framework for relationships between the Center and the territories, and contradictions in the legislation. "

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