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VESTNIK ROSSIISKOI AKADEMII NAUK (Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 11, 2003

M. Strikhanov. Cooperation between Higher School and Academic Science: An Objective Necessity.

V. Kozlov. A Wide Field for Joint Actions.

Discussion of Reports.

I. Dezhina, S. Egerev. Personnel Rehabilitation of Science.

M. Gelfand, V. Lyubetsky. Bioinformatics: From Experiment to Computer Analysis and Back to Experiment Again.

Genetics Is an Integral Science. An Interview with Academician Yu. Altukhov.

V. Kontrimavichus. The Origins of the Noosphere Theory.

V. Zubakov. The Johannesburg UN Summit. Analysis of Results.

[A. Silin]. Spirituality vs. Terrorism.

E. Volkov. The Chief Builder of the Shatura and the Dneproges Hydroelectric Power Stations. The 125th Birth Anniversary of Academician A. Vinter.

G. Udintsev. Ivan Traversay: Russia's Naval Minister.

No. 12, 2003

V. Osipov. Reforms as Seen by an Ecologist.

E. Balatsky, V. Konyshev. Russia's Public Industrial Sector: Developmental Disproportion and Ways of Eliminating Them.

V. Kudryavtsev. The Strategy of Fighting Crime.

P. Ivanov. Human Individualization and Personal Identification: Molecular Biology in Forensic Medicine.

A. Komaritsyn. The Evolution of Hydrographic Concepts.

A. Ashkerov. Works on Labor.

Ya. Rokityansky. A Drama in Two Acts: The 7th International Congress of Genetics.

Three Archival Documents.

Pages. 159

No. 1, 2004

A. Vasilyev. The War in Iraq: Its Regional and Global Consequences.

E. Kruglyakov. What Is the Danger of Pseudoscience to Society?

Growth of Pseudoscience Is the Effect of a Crisis in Public Consciousness. A Discussion at the RAS Presidium.

N. Kasimov et al. The Concept of Sustainable Development: Its Perception in Russia.

N. Veniaminov. Detection of Undeclared Uranium Enrichment Activities Using the Electromagnetic Method.

V. Morozov, A. Chernetsov. On the Origin of the Code of Annals of the 16th Century.

A. Konovalov, A. Vizel. A Life Devoted to Chemistry. The Birth Centenary of Academician B. Arbuzov.

V. Martynov. Economic Research Organizer of the Time of the Thaw. Academician A. Arzumanyan's Birth Centenary.

V. Chesnokov. The Nobel Prize for the Discovery of Radioactivity. The 100th Anniversary of the Award.

E. Panov. Science-Labor-Love-Prosperity. The 95th Anniversary of the Founding of the Kh. Ledentsov Society.

O. Kuznetsov. A Secret Voyage of the Vessel Vityaz.

VOPROSY ISTORII (Problems of History)

No. 11, 2003

"The Smolensk Archive" as a "Mirror of Soviet Reality. "

G. Shmelyov. The Russian Orthodox Church, Its Activity and Economy Before and After 1917.

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