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Хроника научной жизни. SUMMARY



The section is devoted to key Western intellectual concepts, such as intellectual history and the history of mentalities, their critical re-evaluation in the contemporary inderdisciplinary studies, and their role in establishing post-Soviet Russian intellectual activity.

In his introductory essay, Alexander Dmitriev (New Literary Observer, Moscow) summarizes the total impact of the schools of "Annales", "New Cultural History", and the Cambridge school of history of ideas on the development of Russian historiography of the 70 - 90-s. Intellectual history, in his opinion, has taken its root into the Russian academic tradition without working out, however, either original methodology or practical tools. The history of ideas was even less fortunate and was totally unacknowledged and ignored.

An article by the well-known French historian Roger Chartier (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris), "Intellectual History and the History of Mentalites: A Dual Re-evaluation" (1980, 1983), has gained long ago a reputation of a must in acquiring the problematic of intellectual history. Beginning with the early Lucien Febvre's writings, Chartier views the attitude of the historians belonging to the "Annales" school towards subjects of intellectual history with the help of such concepts as "mental equipment" (L. Febvre) and "the third level's quantitative history" (P. Chaunu). The concept of "History of Mentalities," according to Chartier, has been limited by the point of view of collective psychology and does not take into consideration developments of the intellectual history advanced by such scholars as E. Panofsky, A. Koyre, L. Goldmann and others.

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