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V. Kudryavtsev: "A comparative analysis of ...problems reveals several important trends:

- a more accurate differentiation of criminals: dangerous criminals faced with life imprisonment, on the one hand, and persons who might only be given a suspended sentence or awarded economic sanctions;

- all countries tend to humanize judicial practice as far as criminally punishable offences are concerned...;

- socialization of the penitentiary system..."

G. Shmelyov: "There is still a good deal of what is vague and uncertain in the position of the Church in society. Since no one cancelled the provision about the separation of the Church from the State, the State should clearly determine what this provision actually means and debate the restrictions and interpretations that discriminate against the Church. Relations between the State and the Church need greater clarity, further improvement and regulation in keeping with the spirit of the present time and the interests of the believers. "

A. Volodin: "...the trend toward overcoming social weariness and boosting the 'activist' tone of part of society shows that civil intentions are taking shape on a foundation independent of the authorities. In other words, our society comes to realize what it is that it is absolutely unwilling to accept, but is not yet aware of what precisely it wants (except for the general verbiage about decency, justice and progress). This confirms that Russia is fathomable and that its society can find an algorithm to deal with complicated political and non-political problems that conforms to our historical experience and traditions. "

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