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G. Osipov: "The commercialization of science, including sociology, often distorts sociological information to please the customer, generates time-serving studies and leads to isolation from academic science and scientific research at the institutions of higher learning. This results in the destruction of sociological structures and organizations, partisan bias, social apologetics (unfounded support for decisions made by state institutions without reliance on any scientific analysis) and undermines the professional standards of many 'sociological studies, ' which demonstrates the ignorance and dilettantism of the pseudoscientists. In these conditions sociologists should consolidate their ranks, overcome dissociation and exchange information and publications on a regular basis. This is a problem of crucial importance requiring the establishment of several organizational structures operating on a permanent basis. "

V. Mau: "An analysis of Russia's economic development in 2003 is of particular interest in that it enables us to sum up the results of activity of a government which, for the first time in recent Russian history, remained in office throughout almost an entire electoral cycle. This is a unique phenomenon for our country, and one which undoubtedly testifies to the completion of the revolutionary phase and a transition to 'normal' mechanisms in the formation and functioning of government institutions. "

L. Yevstigneyeva, R. Yevstigneyev: "The emergence of ...two cardinal factors (conversion of globalization to systemic ties of the financial capital and new regionalism) incapacitates the linear solution of globalization problems and makes one commit to scientific use the notion of nonlinear synergic type of globalization. "

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