• Voenno-meditsinskii zhurnal
  • 2004-10-31VMZ-No. 010
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  • Pages:96-96.
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Автор: Перевод К. В. Матиивой

Chizh I. M., Gulyayev V. A., Kartashov V. T. - Organizational principles of prophylactic medical examination quality control in the Armed Forces.

The authors suggested new organizational and methodical approaches to a prophylactic medical examination (PME) and its quality control. There were distinguished and analyzed organizational and medical aspects of the profound medical examination (PrME) and dynamic observation (DO). The process of planning, interaction and analysis of PME results as well as the importance of the medical-and-statistical indices as indicators of PrME and DO quality were described. The analysis showed the substantial role of medical standards in the PME. Being in fact peculiar models of the PrME and DO for doctors, they serve as medical and methodical documents. The authors offered the standards of the PME of servicemen and reserve soldiers (retirees), the principles of their use, which allow taking into consideration individual peculiarities of each person examined.

Kuritsin A. N. - Endovideosurgery of gunshot wounds.

The paper deals with the opportunities of using endovideosurgery in local armed conflicts. There were worked out methods and technique of endovideosurgical operations in case of gunshot wounds of a chest, a belly and lower limbs. Due to a low level of traumatism and high efficiency the method promotes the decrease of the number of complications, early activation of the insured servicemen during the post-operation period, the reduction in time of treatment and rehabilitation and can be recommended at the initial stage of medical evacuation.

Makhnev M. V., Makhneva I. Yu. - The meningococcal infection on Navy: modern clinical-and-epidemiological aspects.

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