• Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie
  • 2004-10-31NLO-No. 005
  • Size:772 Bytes .
  • Pages:448-448.
  • Words: 129

Современный русский фольклор: символы и тексты. APOLOGY

In our issue N 45 we published several paragraphs of a letter of Joseph Brodsky without the permission of the author or his heirs. This was a violation of USA copyright law. The Estate of Joseph Brodsky has declined to pursue legal action, with the request that we call to our readers' attention that it was illegal for us to publish the letter without permission and we will in future respect authors' rights in the publication of their works. Brodsky's Estate wishes to make readers aware of the requirements of copyright in publishing a deceased writer's work; they inform us that future unauthorized publication of the works of Brodsky will be dealt with as the law requires.

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