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Lt. Gen. (Aviation) V. V. SEREBRYANNIKOV (Ret.)

Doctor of Philosophy

Honored Scientist of the RSFSR

This journal often raises questions concerning State ideology which, some authors believe, should serve as a basis for the indoctrination and moral-psychological training and preparation of military servicemen, but since it is nonexistent at present, it must be created as a matter of urgency and laid out in a "special document" with proposals being made as to its content, and so on.1 Other authors, quite the contrary, tend to avoid using the term "ideology" in the first place, even when they address the intellectual/spiritual aspect of military life.2 It is noteworthy that such a concept as "military ideology" has sunk into oblivion.

In the meantime, the general and military ideology of all great powers as well as of the majority of other states has been drastically revised; today it underlies their home and foreign policy, affecting the life of the whole of mankind.3 The new, 21st century ideology of the United States graphically manifested itself in the wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

In order to understand States' military ideology in the new era, it is necessary above all to understand military ideology as such, its essence and functions.

The Essence, Substance, and Basic Characteristics of Military Ideology

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