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N. Motroshilova: "Now that the world's best philosophers, who raised their voice against the US war in Iraq, are again reproached over their alleged disregard for the realities of modern history and their immersion in idealistic dreams, the following passage from Kant's work, which he italicized as if it were a 'secret' and 'undeclared' article in a treaty of perpetual peace, has a topical ring to it: 'The opinions of philosophers on the conditions of the possibility of public peace shall be consulted by those states armed for force. ' "

N. Lapin: "Scientific foundations appeared in post-Soviet Russia at a most difficult time, when many scientists and scholars were faced, as in the first years of Soviet power, with the question of their intellectual and even physical survival... It was at that time that a ray of hope gleamed when the proposal... on establishing the Russian Foundation for Basic Researches was supported. Soon the Russian Foundation for the Humanities (RGNF) was established. "

V. Rimsky: "...bribery is no longer the main form of corruption in Russia: it is punishable by law and is much less efficient that the getting of illegal incomes through participation in corruption networks. "

Ye. Avraamova et al.: "By the time they are in their senior years at a higher educational establishment, students begin to form notions about the rules of the game adopted in society. However, the formation of these notions is influenced by their reflection on the real socioeconomic practical situations in which they participated directly, such as means and methods of enrolment, and in part, experience gained from finding a job and actual employment. Gradually, they get an understanding about who can help and thanks to what, one may attain the highest level of success in present-day Russia.

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