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Author: A. V. BELOUSOV

On 15 March 2005, a military-science Conference on the Lessons and Conclusions of the Great Patriotic War and the Prospects for the Development of Modern Military Science and Military Art was held at the RF Defense Ministry in Moscow.1 The conference was attended by senior officials of the Defense Ministry, the General Staff and military academies, by representatives of Russian military science, government and research organizations and central mass media, and by military command personnel and leading researchers of a number of CIS states.

Today we are beginning to publish abstracts of speeches made at the conference. In this issue, we would like to bring to your attention abstracts of speeches by A. V. Belousov, First Deputy RF Minister of Defense; M. A. Gareev, Academy of Military Sciences President; General of the Army A. M. Moskovskiy, Weapons Chief of the RF Armed Forces and Deputy Defense Minister of the Russian Federation; General of the Army V. I. Isakov, Chief of the Rear Services of the RF Armed Forces and Deputy Defense Minister of the Russian Federation; and Admiral of the Fleet V. I. Kuroyedov, Commander-in-Chief of the RF Navy.

Experience of the Great Patriotic War and Current National Defense Problems

Col. Gen. A. V. BELOUSOV

First Deputy RF Minister of Defense

Dear war veterans,

Dear comrades,

The 60th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War and in World War II as a whole is drawing near. Our country in cooperation with the states of the anti-Hitler coalition and other countries is preparing to celebrate this great occasion in a fitting manner. Russian President Vladimir Putin, chairman of the Victory Day Organizing Committee, has approved an extensive plan of activities for celebrating Victory Day in the capital and in all the regions of the country.

The most important of these is the Victory Day parade in Red Square in

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Moscow on 9 May, which is to be attended by the leaders and delegations of more than 60 states.

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