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N. Motroshilova: "...globalization studies provide grounds neither for placid superoptimism nor for expectations of or statements about the inevitable apocalypse. If mankind lets slip the chance to preserve itself, it will be not so much on account of current globalization as the age-old neglect of its civilizational, i. e., integrating, affairs. "

Aleksandr Yakovlev: "...efficient democratic reforms are impossible and the formation of civil society is doomed to painful vicissitudes unless we resolutely de-Bolshevize all aspects of Russian life. I asserted, assert, and will continue to assert the following: It is high time we reversed the paradigm of power. Not the State-Society-Man but Man-Society-the State. Only then will everything be in its proper place, and true justice will triumph. "

Ye. Vodopyanova: "...power is not quite sincere. As long as merciless exploitation of Russia's natural resources brings superprofits, the state will not invest in knowledge. It will limit itself to paying lip service to the fashionable idea of innovation economics. It is also logical to assume that the verbal appeals for innovation hide the ruling elite's conviction that Russia is no longer able to catch up with the world leaders in the intellectual property field and therefore should at least occupy a worthy place among the raw material exporters. This, incidentally, explains the state's mounting stinginess when it comes to funding not only science but also higher education, stinginess that leaps to the eye against the background of the huge national stabilization fund. "

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