• Military Thought
  • 2005-09-30MTH-No. 003
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Author: V. A. SALIN

Col. V. A. Salin

Candidate of Technical Sciences

As advances in science and technology enable constant improvements in the systems of weapons, combat and special equipment, the forms and methods of warfare are rapidly changing. The number of more complicated links between combined and ordinary units is growing and increasingly stringent requirements are imposed on command and control of troops. There are a growing number of tasks C&C is supposed to handle and of the amounts of input information needed for accomplishing them. Simultaneously, each C&C cycle is supposed to be completed in an appreciably shorter time. This imposes stricter standards on providing the commanders and staffs with stable, continuous, prompt and undetectable means of communication, increasing its protection, mobility and throughput capacity.

A modern communications system in support of military command and control agencies should be as a rule multichannel and broadband with a combined use of radio, microwave relay, troposcatter, satellite, wire, signaling and other facilities based on compression, switching and routing equipment, as well as the use of intelligent terminal transceiver devices.

Information exchange technologies that have come on the scene in recent years, such as VoIP, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, DECT, IS-95 CDMA among many others, enable us to take a fresh look at the problems involved in the organization of communications in support of C&C agencies of different services and components of the RF Armed Forces.

This article suggests an advanced communications system for mobile formation of the RF Armed Forces taking account of their distinctive features.

To organize command and control of mobile formations of the RF Armed Forces, it is proposed to use the following types of communications: data transmission, e-mail, battle management digital telephone communications, command and conference-type C&C telephone communications and videotelephony.

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