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N. Shmelyov: "...the most promising trend today is not the inclusion of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other post-Soviet states in the European Union... What is more realistic and promising is the line aimed at developing parallel and relatively... autonomous processes of integration in the West and in the East of the Eurasian continent, i. e., within the framework of the European Union and the CIS. To be sure, this autonomy must not under any circumstances be understood as preserving the old and setting up some kind of new barriers between the two alliances. On the contrary, both integration processes must be heading toward each other, and in the future, this may possibly lead to their merger into something more unified and capable of balancing off the entire world structure of forces. "

L. Yevstigneyeva, R. Yevstigneyev: "Socialism encountered the phenomenon of growing politicization of the economy just when it was time to drastically depoliticize the socioeconomic basis: to capitalize the economy, to create new market mechanisms for building investment resources, and to separate the macroeconomy from the microeconomy, the state (government) from the economy. However, when this problem was formulated in a language comprehensible to socialist public opinion or adequate to the socialist paradigm, the emphasis was on the state's additional investment and social requirements, on arguments that were said to reveal a shortage of state resources, and on a transformation (perestroika) formula following from this shortage. But, let us emphasize, this was a transformation geared to decentralize state administration, and not the socioeconomic system as a whole. "

A. Zdravomyslov: "...Russian society should find a way of going over from oligarchic capitalism to civilized capitalism, whose freedom is limited by responsibility to society and the population, to the state and civil society structures, and to the present and future of Russian science and culture. "

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