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V. Polterovich: " ...the policy of institutional reforms (such as it has been pursued by the majority of developing countries) does not make it possible to narrow down the gap separating them from the advanced countries, which is the main goal of modernization. This policy results in a cyclical recurrence of the redistribution process... Each of its periodic components includes the stages of reforming, stabilization and recovery growth. "

R. Kapelyushnikov: "...we witness a wide gap between the gigantic labor expenses in individual subsidiary households, on the one hand, and more than a modest contribution of this sector of the Russian economy to the well-being and consumption of agricultural households in Russia, on the other hand. "

A. Oleynik: "Civil society can become a serious counterweight to the growing authoritarian trends in Russia only if citizens come to see it as a viable alternative both to the 'vertical' of imposed power and to the expansion of market thinking and behavior. "

I. Kalinin: "The formalists represented revolutionary and war experience as stronger vision and the exposition of a structure. Thereby they destroyed the illusion of organicity, whose production they linked with the efforts of tradition, old regime and bourgeois ideology to assert their own natural, i. e., substantial and eternal status. Exposing the method meant exposing the constitutive principle of art, but this also meant exposing the historicity of social structures and human subjectivity itself. "

A. Alyushin: "No matter how legitimate and solid the present constitutional order of Russia looks its foundation is wobbly. "

S. Smirnov: "...a combination of processes creating an image of the world, its evolution and functioning as an active regulator of the external behavior and inner life of a living creature, constitute... the broadest understanding of the object of the science of psychology. "

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