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  • 2006-03-31MTH-No. 001
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Author: Ye. B. VOLKOV

Lt. Gen. Ye. B. VOLKOV (Ret.)

Peter the Great Strategic Missile Forces Military Academy

Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor

Among the memorable dates, which are observed every year, there is one with particularly tragic meaning-the anniversary of the atomic bombings by U. S. aircraft of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. Although, this "experience of practical application" of the new type of armament remains the only one of its kind for the time being, nevertheless this "experience" and the numerous investigations of the capabilities of nuclear weapons, which followed, allow us to say that the deployment of the sophisticated types of this armament threatens mankind with such disasters, which compared with all that it has experienced heretofore, appears exiguous. It is to be emphasized that the extensive use of nuclear weapons can lead to the destruction of earth civilization altogether. It would seem fairly reasonable to bring up the issue for the nuclear armaments to be banned and eliminated. Indeed, this issue used to be brought up. Take for instance the famous representations of the then USSR leader M. S. Gorbachev, in which he proposed to liquidate all the stocks of nuclear weapons and to ban them. However, all these fluent phrases proved to be mere words. There was nobody to ban nuclear weapons. Besides, more and more new "members of the nuclear club" join the countries, which were already in possession of nuclear weapons. This situation is brought about by the fact that nuclear weapons make their possessor immeasurably more powerful (in military context) compared to those, who do not have such weapons. This reason is deemed to be more important than certain statements about the potential nuclear catastrophe. It should be admitted that so far mankind is not ready for alternative judgments.

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