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  • 2006-03-31MTH-No. 001
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Author: V. V. MASORIN


Commander in chief, the RF Navy

The Navy command has always had and will continue to have great respect for the Russian Academy of Military Sciences and its administration, appreciating its special role in developing domestic military thought. We are also highly appreciative of the Academy's Navy Department, which ever since its foundation has been headed by Fleet Adm. Ivan Matveevich Kapitanets, an authoritative and respected naval leader. The Navy Department's experience shows that the Academy Presidium and its president did absolutely the right thing in not confining themselves to the creation of a naval department at the Academy of Military Sciences. The tapping of scientists and researchers from all, including civilian, structures in all spheres of Russia's naval and maritime activity enables the Academy to attain a nationwide as well as systemic, scientific level of dealing with the Navy's outstanding problems. Furthermore, the Navy Department's performance has been recognized by, among other things, the Distinguished Naval Service medal that the Naval College under the RF Government awarded Adm. I. M. Kapitanets.

Indeed, many of the objectives set to the Navy Department upon its establishment have not only been attained, but the Department has made an important contribution to implementing the country's national naval policy, specifically:

* first, the Naval College was established under the RF Government as a permanent coordinating body in the field of Russia's maritime and naval activity designed to facilitate the implementation of the provisions and requirements of the Russian Naval Doctrine. It was recently decided that the Naval College will now work under the direct supervision of a deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation-RF Defense Minister Sergei Borisovich Ivanov;

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