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V. Titov: "An analysis of the interaction between the formal and informal economies as autonomous systems makes it possible to bring out their specific properties, to identify the ways and mechanisms of their integration or the factors behind their mutual incompatibility. "

A. Gurevich: "One cannot but admit that the way of elucidating the past characteristic of historical anthropology is much more in conformity with the intellectual requirements of the modern times than the traditional approaches to history... To my mind, it makes sense to identify peculiarities inherent in the methodology of the historical anthropology investigations. "

V. Kotelnikov: "The 100 years of the work done by Pushkin House in all areas of literary studies has not only contributed dozens of academic publications and hundreds of articles and monographs, but has also built a sound groundwork for the future development of Russian literary studies... If we consider the ages-long chronological range and typological diversity of the materials kept and studied at Pushkin House, its exclusive character which makes it different from the famous Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, Institut de Recherches et d'Historie des Texts and Maison des Sciences de l'Homme will become obvious. "

V. Vasilyev: "Mental states are endowed with real causality, but they do not possess essential unity and complete existential independence. They are a special type of reality that emerges or actualizes in the biological type of material systems for the purpose of deterministic stabilization of those systems and, possibly, more perfect fixation of their individual history. It is not ruled out, by the way, that understanding this circumstance may yield the key to solving certain problems of the theory of evolution. "

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