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VESTNIK ROSSIISKOI AKADEMII NAUK (Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 11, 2005

Chronicle of RAS Presidium's Circuit Session.

Welcome Address by President of the Republic of Tatarstan M. Shaymiev.

Opening Address by Academician N. Plate, the RAS Vice President.

V. Kostyuk. The USSR Academy of Sciences in Wartime Years.

V. Chereshnev. Science in the Urals: Everything for the Front, Everything for the Victory.

M. Salakhov. The Kazan University: A Toiler of the Rear and a Hero of the War.

A. Sakharov. Millennium of Kazan and the Fates of Russia.

M. Usmanov. Through Depth of Centuries.

M. Khasanov. The Symbol of the Eurasian Specificity of Russian Statehood.

A. Konovalov. Kazan and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

V. Fortov. Dust Plasma Crystals and Fluids on the Earth and in Space.

I. Kasavin et al. Rationality as a Value of the Culture.

No. 12, 2005

M. Paltsev. The Bologna Process and Russia's Higher Medical Education.

M. Gorshkov. On the Stability and Variability of All-Russian Consciousness.

L. Gertsenberg, N. Kazansky. Protolinguistic Reconstruction: General Problems.

V. Zakharov. Health from the Positions of Theory of Management.

A. Yurevich, I. Tsapenko. Globalization of Russian Science.

O. Sorokhtin. Bacterial Nature of Glaciation of the Earth.

Yu. Pushcharovsky. Structure, Energy, and Tectonics of the Earth's Mantle.

N. Balashov, Yu. Karaulov. The Path of a Russian Philologist in the 20th Century. The Birth Centenary of Academician M. Khrapchenko.

Pages. 169

A. Granberg. On the Development of Yakutia's Productive Forces. The 80th Anniversary of Yakutia's Integrated Expedition.

A New Strategy in Pharmacology.

No. 1, 2006

Ye. Panteleyev. Economic and Industrial Policies: Russian and Foreign Experience.

G. Zavarzin, V. Kudeyarov. Soil as the Key Source of Carbonic Acid and Reservoir of Organic Carbon I Territory of Russia.

A Problem of General Scientific Significance. Discussion of the Repot.

L. Pivovarova et al. The Role of Science and Education in the Formation of Basic Biological Knowledge.

Ye. Balatsky. The Professional Community of Economists: Western and Russian Models.

M. Karasyov. Mathematical Technologies on the Eve of a Nanorevolution.

G. Ivanitsky. Thermovision in Medicine.

N. Berdyklycheva, A. Grigoryeva. Heads and Teachers of Higher Educational Establishments on the Bologna Process.

No. 2, 2006

M. Paltsev et al. Prospects of Using Stem Cells in Medicine.

I. Khaleyeva. Linguistic Security of Russia.

Yu. Yevdokimov et al. Nanotechnology Based on Nucleic Acids.

V. Lebedev et al. The Technology of Establishing Nature Geoinformation Systems for Nature Protection.

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