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At the present day, in consequence of the unarrested technological revolution in the IT domain, the pervasive quality changes are taking place in the weapons and military equipment trends of foreign states. Orientation to the designing of multifarious information onslaught means against the opposing force is one of the main tendencies in this process. Appertaining to them, first and foremost, are the constantly improving electronic countermeasure devices and psychological operation weapons. Along with that, the attention of foreign military experts has recently been riveted to the advanced tools for the so-called cybernetic attacks in the information network systems.

Incidentally, the U. S. national military strategy has been the first to apply the new politico-military term, namely, "the weapons of mass effect. "1 Crucially important in the proposed concept definition, first, is that the given type of weapon has been brought into line with the traditional weapons of mass destruction: chemical, biological and nuclear. Second, such kinds of weapon as electromagnetic pulse, high powered microwave, and also other "asymmetric" weapons have been defined as the varieties of the weapons of mass effect. Cited as the example of such asymmetry is the fact that cyber attacks against the U. S. commercial information systems or against the national transport networks can have more serious effects economically or psychologically than any other traditional kinds of weapon, if used against them. Information infrastructure and the psyche of the enemy military personnel will be the principal objects of destruction.

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