V. Mau: "We are now living in conditions of "diminishing returns" on the factors of economic growth. The emphasis is shifting to political and legal factors, that is, the quality of governance, the effectiveness of the judicial and law enforcement systems, and the state's ability to ensure compliance with effective legislation... law-enforcement practice and especially the state of public administration and the judicial and law-enforcement systems are the main obstacles to an improvement of economic legislation proper and to more effective socioeconomic processes. "

A. Shipilov: "Cleanliness was equally doubtful in the Russian peasant's kurnaya izba (chimney-less hut), which he shared with the poultry and a calf in winter, and the European farmer's home, which was, in fact, a cattleshed with a hearth. West Europeans of the more prosperous countries, however, started dividing their home from other household facilities earlier than Russians, and were quicker about such progress. It also involved much more people than in Russia. The difference was not so great even in the early 18th century as later. Besides, the progress was not so intensive with the bulk of the population in the less affluent European countries. "

V. Polonsky: "...for a quarter of a century Merezhkovsky remained almost the only vehicle of the tradition of modernist religious mythology as he tried to integrate the neo-Christian ideology, grown on the Silver Age soil of Russian culture in its sterile and fossilized variant, into Europe's fundamentally different cultural context of between the two world Wars. "

A. Guseynov: "Instead of a spiritually broken and moribund reality, philosophy mentally constructs a different reality, an ideal kingdom of sorts based on different epistemological and value foundations, thereby filling human life with new hopes and opening new vistas for its inner growth and development. It replaces the unsatisfied reality of the old world with an inspiring utopia of a new one. Philosophy conveys the ...

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